Focus Lens Picosecond Laser

Picosecond presents a new era in deep pigments shattering, offering optimal results for the removal of colorful tattoos and benign pigmented lesions with just few treatments.

Picosecond mode of operation is based on delivering ultra-short picosecond pulses of energy into the skin tissue.

The light absorbed in the pigment is transformed into a photoacoustic wave that shatter the pigment into micro-size particles, which the body immune system can then dispose of easily.

Product Description

1.Picosecond offers unrivalled performance without causing any pain or interrupting your work or social lives, and the treatment needs no anaesthetic creme.

2.It presents no contraindications for exposure to sunlight, so it can be used all year round. Like Certain dark marks/ Pigmentary scars/ Sun-damaged skin

3.From the very first session, you’ ll notice an even complexion. Over the second and third treatments, dark marks will become lighter. By the end, your skin will look younger and more beautiful.

4.Pico can treat pigmentation of all types of skin, even the most delicate, such as Asian or mixed complexions.

5.All color tattoo

1.Strong peak laser thermal energy and impact force explore pigment into dust particle within quite short period, which is less than 950 picosecond (10-12second). As a result, all final-requests to pigment removal can be expected, such as : no pain, no downtime, less treatments.

2.Very efficient for dermis pigments, such as melasma

3.Skin toning and brighten can be expected

4.Good treatment for pigment&wrinkle for low to no pain& downtime

5.No melanin precipitate by super-short pulse duration.

6.Less than 8% energy lost controlled by high precision handle arm and intelligent probe with 2–10mm spot size adjustment .

7.Modularized components and pull-out type structure makes maintenance super easy.

Technical Parameters:

Laser Type: Picosecond nd yag laser
Laser Wavelength: 1064nm & 532nm
Treatment Heads: 1pcs
Frequency: 1-10Hz
Energy: 0.3-31.8J/cm
Pulse Width: 950ps
Spot Size: 2-10mm
Indicator Light: Red diode laser aiming light,wavelenth 650nm
Cooling System: Fan + water
Program language: English
Dimension of Machine: 61 x 37 x 52cm
Dimension of Package: 76 x 56 x 63cm
N.W.: 30kgs
G.W.: 40kgs
Packing: Alluminum alloy case
Voltage: 220V / 110V

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