Nd: YAG Q-Switch Laser Tattoo Removal

The pulse ND: YAG Q-switch laser strives for reducing operation to human body causing from laser, in the status of installation, adjustment and operation. In this chapter, introduce security knowledge of laser, taking necessary measures during problems occur and some attentions in details.


Product Description

Different color of tattoo removal tattoo removal on lip line, eyebrow, eyelid, body pigment deposit removal age spot, flat birthmark and nevus removal suitable to all kinds of skin

Technical Parameters:

Laser Type : ND YAG Q-switch laser
Wavelength : double wavelength 1064nm, 532nm
Indicator of aiming light : imported ruby indicator
LCD controller : 7.5” color touch LCD display
Energy : 1600mJ
Width of Pulses : 6ns
Frequency : 1-6
Spot diameter : 1-8mm
Cooling Manner : air + water + semiconductor
Program Language : English
Dimension of machine : 37*60*36cm
N.W. : 15kg
G.W. : 29kg
Packing : Aluminum
Voltage : 220V AC

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