Zeny 6in1 Slimming Machine

Body Slimming Machine: 6 in 1 beauty machine with 2.0 version works on the body and face improve skin appearance. Including 5 functional beauty care probes, there are 3-polar head, 4-polar head, 6-polar head, flat head and 8 pads, which can be used for body and facial skin in all aspects.enhance the skin elasticity, which will make the skin look smooth and healthy.


Product Description

40K Vacuum Machine: Vacuum contacts deep base of skin on body which achieves effect of activating body, relieving fatigue and promoting circulation.

Facial and Body Massager: multi functional vacuum machine is also available on face that is not only able to reduce wrinkles and pouches of eyes, to fade black eyes, but also able to tighten and rejuvenate skin for more smooth and fresh.

Body Care: Body Massage Machine is for Belly Waist Legs Skin Firming Wrinkle Remove Spa Home Use .Three times a week, 15~30 minutes each time. A month see result.

Customer Service: We provide professional, patient and friendly customer guidance including customer guide, after-sale service, problem solving.

Technical Parameters:

Item Type:Body Massager
Main Material: ABS & Metal
Voltage: 110-240V 50Hz-60Hz
Package Size: 37.5 * 32 * 35cm
Package Weight: 10kg

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