CO2 Laser with Vaginal Tightening

Technical Parameters:

Wavelength: 10600nm
Laser Power: U.S. 40W RF Metal Tube
Spot Size: 0.12mm
Spot Density: Up to 102, 400 Dots
Scan Size: Up to 20*20*20mm
Scan Shapes: Square, Rectangle, Circle, Triangle, Rhombus, Ellipse, Line
Scan Modes: Standard, Random, Scatter
Aiming Beam: 5mw red diode laser, 635nm, adjustable intensity, blink on/off
Beam Delivery: 360o Rotation Articulated 7 Joint Arm
Operating System: Fractional & UltraPulseL Gynae Vaginal Head Optional
Cooling System: Air Cooling
Stand-by-Working: Continuously for 18 Hours
Display:10.4 Inches True Color LCD Touch Screen
Voltage:220V+10% 50/60Hz, 110V+10% 50/60Hz
Dimension:52x38x117cm (W*D*H)
Net Weight:52Kg

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