Dermashine RF Microneedling

  • Skin Reconstruction
  • Removal of Stretch Marks
  • Remove Acne Marks
  • Skin Lift
  • Wrinkle Removal
  • Skin Rejuvenation

Product Description

What is the function of negative pressure suction needle out?

Adopting negative pressure adsorption technology,first adsorb the skin, and then apply the microneedle treatment,Ensure that the depth of each needle into the skin is the same and the energy is even,Tighten the skin to avoid leakage of medicine and automatically eject the needle,The needles are packaged with sterile nitrogen to ensure the hygiene and safety of each treatment.

Principles of Microneedling Treatment

Insulation coating needle, only the needle tip emits radio frequency


Technical Parameters:

RF: Bipolar RF(radio frequency
RF energy: 1-10level
Release: 0.1-0.5s
Tip depth: 0.1-3.5mm
Needle type: 10-pin/25-pin/64-pin
Suction: 1-10level
Output power: 150W
RF frequency: 2MHZ
Operation mode: Automatic/Manual
Color: White

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