Cryophoresis Facial Machine

Cryoelectrophoresis is the newest, most effective technology on the market. The cool, refreshing nature of the treatment mixed with the innovation idea of using frozen cosmetics makes it a memorable treatment. Deeper penetration and localized treatment provide better results than other techniques and feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and confident in the results that have been successfully achieved. Cryolectrophoresis is also the most flexible technique on the market, making it suitable for any skin care needs. Cryoelecthroporesis has been used to treat wrinkles, acne uneven pigmentation, rosacea and sensitive skin, cellulite, stretch marks, pockets of fat sagging skin, and dehydrated skin.

Product Description

Technical Parameters:

Dimension: 46 x 43.5 x 35cm
Voltage 220V/50Hz
Power consumption: < 300W
Cooling Device Output Temperature: 0°C ~5°C
Import Current: < 8mA
Cooling Liquid: Pure Water
Ambient Temperature: 5°C ~+40°C
Relative Humidity: < 80%

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