Plasma OG Machine

Plasma is the fourth state after solid, liquid and gas. It consists of ions and electrons Which is an ionized gas with electric energy. Space plasma releases electric energy. It uses plasma conduction technology to open the molecular principle of skin mucosa.induce and change the position of ions to let them pass freely through the thin film When the cell voltage increases, it can help cells produce tension, correct the dislocation of cationic ions on the inner and outer sides of the cell membrane. The membrane potential returns to the equilibrium state, the cell returns to the normal operation, regenerate the skin, and enhance the resistance of the skin tissue. It effectively improve the skin surface tissue, do not destroy the cells in the treatment of acne and scars, with the effects of skin rejuvenation, sterilization, antibacterial.anti-inflammatory, whitening, improving sagging skin.

Product Description

Technical Parameters:

Treatment Area: Face&Body
Handle 1: a Flash Plasma
Operating Probe: 7 Heads
Function Plasma Beaut Pen(Golden):
Scar Removal,Eyelid Remodeling,Tightness Neck Lift
Handle 2: Ozone Plasma
Function Plasma Beaut Pen(White):
Improving Skin Elasticity Anti Aging,Acne Removal
Weight: 11kgs
Size: 41X38X51 CM

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