Atlas II 808 Diode Laser

Permanent, Safe & Fast Laser Hair Removal

Product Description

Atlas Laser Diode 808 uses the optimal wavelength of 808nm diode, penetrating deep into the dermis to ensure effective hair removal.

The machine employs a series of low fluence, high repetition pulses that gradually increases the temperature of hair follicles to 45 degree Celsius, resulting damages to Hair follicles and preventing hair regrowth.

Technical Parameters:

Handpiece Power: 600w
Spot Size: 12*12mm2
Screen: 8.4 inches Touch LCD Display
Pulse Width:8-685ms adjustable
Energy: 1-120J/cm2 adjustable
Cooling: Water + Air + Semiconductor
Probe Temp: 0~3 Degrees Celsius
Voltage: 220V
Shots: 10 Million




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