IPL- Intense Pulsed Light

Difference Of IPL SHR & Traditional IPL or laser

Traditional laser or IPL technologies employ short impulses of approximately 2-300 milliseconds, applying a vast amount of energy (12-120 J/cm2). Energy is transported to the hair root through melanin, where warmth of 65-72° Celsius is produced. Energy reaches the root of the hair follicle solely through melanin. Skin and red blood cells have a similar absorption coefficient as melanin and therefore also absorb the high levels of energy produced by the laser and IPL methods.

Product Description

SHR technology, on the other hand, utilizes the melanin path only partially (50%)., and combining In-Motion technology, gently warms the skin helping penetrate down to the follicles which produce hair growth.

Research has shown that a slower, but longer heating process is considerably more effective for permanent hair removal than high and short levels of energy. Therefore, when using SHR, the device is passed over the tissue multiple times (in motion) using low energy but a high rate of repetition (up to 10Hz, i.e. 10 times per second) instead of using the traditional method with single, high-energy impulses. Thus, the hair melanin, as well as the tissue of the stem cells, is heated with low energy at a slow pace and over a longer period of time to a comfortable temperature of 45° Celsius.

Technical Parameters:

Wavelength (Spectrum):650-950nm
Energy Density (Fluence): 1-26J/cm2 adjustable
Spot Size: 15x50mm²
Pulse duration: 1-15ms
Pulse Repetition Rate: 1-10Hz
Timer: 1-30s
Cooling: Continuous Crystal contact cooling
(-4℃~4℃ ) + Air cooling + Closed water circulation cooling
Stand-by Working: Continuously for 12 hours
Electrical Requirements: 100-240VAC, 20A max., 50/60Hz
Display: 8.4″ True Color LCD Touch Screen(Intelligent operation)
IPL Peak Power: 2400W
Net Weight: 24 kgs
Dimensions (WxDxH):60*46*34cm

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